Oblivion - Kelly Creagh

HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AMAZING. I actually cried when I read the last page.


Another fantastic book from her and a fantastic way of ending my all time favorite series. (Yep, this trilogy is my number one. I've said it. I'm sorry JK Rowling.)


i just love this trilogy so much.


I want to know however what possessed me to read the concluding books of two of my favorite series back to back because I went into this still not over Winter. (Still not over it let's be real. I cried at the ending to that too.)


I'm going to have the worst book hang over after these two. 


Kelly Creagh, if by some weird thing of I don't know I still can't form coherent thoughts since I just finished this, and you read this, please write more books. I need more of you're writing. It's so good. (And of nevermore because obviously can't get enough of it.)


i really need to go to bed