The Winner's Crime (The Winner's Trilogy) - Marie Rutkoski Prisoner of Night and Fog - Anne Blankman Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins #scandal - Sarah Ockler Angelfall - Susan Ee World After - Susan Ee Salt & Stone (Fire & Flood Series Book 2) - Victoria Scott To All the Boys I've Loved Before - Jenny Han Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I have no idea why I never did a May one. I guess I'm just lazy. I read quite a bit these past two months-at least a lot for me, Though I know I'm behind because I want to read 75 books this year. Graphic novels and manga count right? I read three these past two months.


The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski

It was a good sequel, but I definitely enjoyed the first book more.

I really liked the politics in this one, but I felt the build up was dragged for the ending sequence that was only like five pages. Also, not enough interaction between Arin and Kestrel. Though I really did like their heart breaking romance though. Rip my heart out it's okay. That cliff hanger though. UGH.


 Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman

I loved this book so much. I loved it so much I actually made a post about it. i still want a story from Daniel's perspective. Just saying. 


Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

Everyone seems to love this and I am not part of that group. I wasn't impressed by this. Nothing meshed well and it was all over the place. I can't explain it but it was also very open...(?) It kind of just jumped right into the story and went from one thing to the next. I liked it enough to buy the sequel though. Interesting plot but meh writing. (Though I do love her Hex Hall series.)


Scandal by Sarah Ockler

The message of this book is very important. Cyber bullying is horrible and should never be done. I hated the bullying. I hated the fact that no one helped the main character. This poor girl would walk through the hallways of her school and get spat on. Why did no one stop this? Bullying is a messed up thing and I hate hearing about it. 

The one thing I didn't like was the main character's romance thing with the guy. There were things that were written about them that happened that were so vague they made no sense. 

Important message but everything else was meh. 


Lux Beginnings and Consequences by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I read Obsidian, Onyx, and Opal (technically I read Obsidian in May in finished in June and the same thing happened with Opal and finished July first oh well.) I like the story. It's enjoyable and has it's moments. I like Katy, I don't like Daemon. He was fine throughout the first book but half way in Onyx and a majority of Opal he was so annoying. He's so inconsistent. Up and down up and down. One minute he hates her the next he's in love. I was also so done with the romance in Opal. I want plot development I don't care about you two kissing. 


Angelfall and World After by Susan Ee

Literally the best angel books I've read so far. Granted I was annoyed that it just jumped to six weeks later. I want to know what happened but that's the whole point of the story. The angels have invaded and no one knows why. I love the relationship between Penryn and her sister and her relationship with Raffe. And of course the actual story and the crap that happens to her. But mostly Penryn. One of the best female leads I have ever read. (I heard the third book is a disappointment and I really hope when I read it I won't think it is.)


To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

I guess it was a cute contemporary? I don't really like contemporary nor did I like the instalove.


Salt and Stone by Victoria Scott

This sequel was so good! The character development was great with Tella, That cliffhanger though. When's the last book coming out?



I also read Deadly Class vol.1 and the manga Blackbird vol.1 and I liked the story to both of them but to me they were all over the place. Literally jumped from one thing to the next. 


Right now I'm in a reading slump. I have so many books on my tbr that need to be read but I don't wanna read any of them.