I wanted to do a book unhaul the other day as i had to take out all of my books to put the new floor in in my room. I ended up getting rid of 30+ books and I really wanted to talk about them. I guess I was so...disgusted(?) by them that I needed to see them gone. I wish I sold them though, but I heard the store to do that where I live is very cheap (LOL). I ended up just giving them to the woman who's renting the apartment downstairs from us. It was a good thing too because she knew a lot of the books there and ended up needing most of them. 


I know there's more I want to get rid of. I set a goal for those books. If I don't read them by the end of this year then they're gonna find a new home. 


I really like watching/hearing other people talk about the books their getting read of. Is that weird?