I actually have no idea what teen author carnival is except that it's going to be here in NYC and that Jennifer L. Armentrout is going to be there. I actually found out about it when I went on her website to see which books of hers I haven't read (which is A LOT). I hope it's fun. It's a free event and you could bring your own books (which I might do) or buy your own there. I don't really like to buy books on the spot because I like to buy books online as it's way cheaper. 


And then there's bookcon which I went to last year and am going back this year. I'm only going in the hopes of seeing Rainbow Rowell and Jennifer L. Armentrout (can you tell she's my favorite author because I don't think it's obvious). I wasn't going to go because I did not like bookcon last year. It was unorganized and I didn't get to see ANY of the authors I wanted and it was a mess. I waited on lines for an hr for them to tell me WHOOPS NO MORE BOOKS BUT EVEN IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN TIME IS UP. 


I would like to think this year I know what I'm doing.