Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas

I read Throne of Glass around a year ago and like everyone else I loved it, save for one small detail that was prominent in this book. That's the reason why I put off reading this book for so long because of my ship. Yes I am a shipper (if it wasn't obvious) and I ship Dorian and Celaena but that ship sunk in Throne of Glass and just completely disintegrated in CoM. 



I literally had to sit myself down and tell myself to get over it because it's just a book. A piece of fiction. Once I was able to get over myself, I actually really enjoyed the book. There were quite a few scenes that I rolled my eyes too (mostly Chaol scenes. I like him but he just reminded me too much of a sad puppy) but it wasn't that bad. 


I had spoiled the book for me last year so every plot twist that happened wasn't a shock to me kind of sucked. I knew that if I didn't spoil it for myself I would have been gasping and omging every thirty pages. 


Again, despite me being annoying, the book itself was so good. I love the world Sarah J. Maas has built and how she incorporated the magic and fae into the story. Definitely not something I've read before and I actually think this will probably be one of a very selective few fae books that I enjoy. 


I don't have Heir of Fire yet and I want to put off reading it because I'm not the type of person that likes to wait for books to come out. I like to read completed series. 


This series is amazing and it really deserves the hype it gets.