I'm grouping Doon by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon together with Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen because they both had something similar in the books that greatly irritated me. 


Starting with Doon


 (I actually really like the cover of this) 


This story follows Veronica and Mackenna, two best friends, who travel to Scotland for summer vacation. There they stay in Mackenna's aunt's little cottage and discover the world of Doon. There they get wrapped up with Doon's princes all the while being accused of being witches with a majority of Doon's citizens disliking them. Things in ensue that basically puts Doon's fate in their hands. 


I don't want to give away too much of the story because of spoilers. 


This book was okay. It definitely got a lot better towards the end, though I felt the ending sequence could have been paced a bit more. That whole scene that happens as the end was just meh and too fast paced. 


I didn't really like the "main" characters either. I say main because even though the story is told in the dual perspective between Veronica and Mackenna, Veronica's p.o.v is predominant. Veronica was very annoying. It was basically all about her and everything she was doing and I was so over it. She also kept saying how much she loved Jamie and just no.


I disliked Jamie (Veronica's love interest) even more. He was just so rude and mean and yet Veronica still "loved" him. He was so wish washy too. One moment he likes Veronica, the next he's ignoring her. 


I did like Mackenna for the most part though. She didn't necessarily have an instalove relationship, even though she kind of did. She wasn't annoying like her best friend though. And was not about to give up everything for some boy she hardly knows. 


The instalove was ridiculous. I tried justifying it because that's what I do, but I couldn't. Her and Jamie barely knew each other, yet the minute Veronica finally lays her eyes on Jamie, she was in love with him. The amount of eye rolling I did in this was ridiculous.


The romance and the characters reminded me a lot of Black City but not as annoying.




Moving on to Stolen Songbird. 


(this cover is gorgeous as well.)


Despite one small thing, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I never read anything with trolls before and the world and the magic in this was amazing. 


On the day before Cecile is to leave to live with her mom in the big city, she is kidnapped and sold to the wife of Tristan, the troll prince. Cecile had grown up thinking that the trolls living in the mountain were a myth. What a shock is was to learn the stories she grew up hearing were actually true. And on top of that, a rebellion is brewing and she somehow ends up in the middle of it.


Cecile is the type of character I like reading about. Instead of moping about the crappy situation she was forced in, she gets up every day and does what she can. She learns about the trolls, about magic, about her place in the rebellion.


But over time she falls in love with her husband.


Now the reason why I grouped these two books together. I honestly could not stand either love interest. Now Tristan wasn't as bad as Jamie, but he was still annoying. Literally they're first night together, he locks Cecile in a closet. I couldn't believe it. I was done with him then and that was just the beginning of the book. He got better as the book progressed but was still very arrogant. And every time they fought, if Cecile was mad at him, Tristan always flipped the conversation onto Cecile and got angry at her and made her feel bad about something completely irrelevant. It was okay for him to be mean to her but not okay for the other way around. That annoyed me.



Just once I'd like a book where the female is part of the noble family and her love interest grovels at her feet. A story where she's mean at first yet her lover is okay with that and blah blah blah. 


I will be continuing Doon and will sit and wait patiently for Stolen Songbird's sequel because the ending was a horrible cliffhanger and I need to know what happens. 


Just once I would like something different in YA. I do recommend these books for the most part if you enjoy fantasy as much as I do and aren't as nit picky as me.