I don't like reading slumps. I've been in once sing December and while I've read a few books, it's not at a normal rate. I read three books in January. Three! I'm embarrassed. I think February will be a good reading month, I've finished a book already and am....1/4 into another book that I will mention later.


Even though, I'm late with this, I'm still doing this before Valentines Day. (Which I don't celebrate so...)


Moving on!!


The first book I finished was My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick which I already have a full thoughts/review on it which you can check out here. In short though, I did it enjoy it for the most part. I connected with Samantha and her and Jace's relationship was adorable. There was one small issue I had at the end but it wasn't that big of a problem.


After that I read Prodigy by Marie Lu and that took me two weeks. It was such a good sequel and I think I liked it more than Legend which is saying something because I loved Legend. This book was so good. The romance in this book was so much better than in Legend-especially that one bathroom scene! Hello that was a bit steamy. I also liked how visual this one was-despite my lack of imagination-and how descriptive Marie Lu was with in this one and how expansive the world became. I also really liked how June was struggling with trying to not revert back to how she used to act. There were certain things she would say that came off insensitive because Day grew up poor and June didn't. She would catch herself and I appreciated that because other authors wouldn't think of that (or at least that I've read anyway.)

The whole time though I was hoping that Anden wouldn't be killed or turn into a dbag and while that didn't happen-thankfully-THE ACTUAL PLOT TWIST WAS SO GOOD. I was actually surprised I didn't see it coming as normally I would.

I actually spoiled the ending of Champion for myself but I was hoping I was wrong. And then the ending happened. Marie Lu, why you gotta play me like that?

Then the last book I powered through was The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black. I will be doing a full review on this book because it has me torn. On one hand, I liked it. I like Holly Black's way of writing. On the other, there was just something that didn't sit right with me. I think it's because I don't like Faerie books. Normally they just confuse the crap out of me. 

The books I read weren't bad but that slump was getting to me. It's kicking my butt!

February seems to be looking better. I read Landline by Rainbow Rowell and I'm currently reading Stolen Songbird by Danielle L Jensen. I think I'm going to pick up Crown of Midnight once I'm done with Stolen Songbird and Sentinel after that.

Hopefully I stick to those books though!