Take a Chance - Abbi Glines

I really cannot with this book. I feel like it's 2007 and I'm reading a quizilla story. It's so corny and cliched.


The main guy, Grant, is an a**. (Can i swear on this website? I feel like it's appropriate though.) The way he thinks is disgusting he's a sleaze with no chill. And Harlow thinks she's so special because all she does it read and stay in her room...like I do that and I don't think I'm better than anyone. 


The story is kind of sad though with Grant's backstory and the fact that Kiro (Nan and Harlow's dad) is a druggie because his wife died and everyone hates Nan. Didn't anyone stop and think that maybe Nan is like that because her dad hates her? 


The writing also is mediocre. "His sexy male accent made me want to inhale deeply." Um...what the hell does that even mean. And then also Grant is all like "I never slept with a virgin and it's affecting me for reasons I don't know." Oh really. What's so special about that? 


The names of the characters too. Kiro, Grant, Rush, Nanette, Harlow, Tripp??? I really do feel like I'm reading a fanfiction.


I've since picked up a much better book and I doubt I will be finishing this one